posted on December 13th, 2017

Cash for Kids Mission Christmas Appeal

Bringing festive cheer for Christmas 2017 is Downtown Radio and Cool FM’s Cash for Kids, with it’s ‘Mission Christmas’. With help from long-standing partner for the appeal, Harry Corry, over 13,000 local disadvantaged children gained support from the Cash for Kids Mission Christmas initiative last year. This year, with one in four children living in poverty in Northern Ireland, the need is set to increase. Poverty for these children can mean a home with no heat and bed without a hot meal. The added financial strain of Christmas does nothing to help these families.

The Cool FM breakfast team, composed of Pete Snodden, Rebecca Kinney and Paulo Ross, helped spread the message to local listeners to buy an extra gift to help the disadvantaged children of Northern Ireland. For these children, who face waking up with nothing on Christmas morning, such a small act could mean the world. Provide a new, unwrapped gift to one of the drop-off points listed on and you can enable Cash for Kids to make a real difference in the lives of those in need.

The Cash for Kids charity manager, Stephanie Laverty, stated that by donating a gift you will be helping to create the lasting memory of a happy Christmas for a child and that the generosity of listeners every year was amazing. She added that Cash for Kids hoped that, as in previous years, all children applied for would have a gift in time for Christmas day.

Harry Corry Marketing Manager, Mark Corry, stated Harry Corry was honoured to be able to partner with Mission Christmas and help support their work in the community. He feels that every present donated can transform a life and make a real difference.

Those who don’t have time to shop can still support the appeal by texting the word FIVE or TEN to 70808 to make a £5 or £10 donation to the appeal (text donate T&Cs at

For further information, please visit:

Image 1 – L-R: Paulo Ross, Pete Snodden and Rebecca McKinney help to launch Cash for Kids Mission Christmas 2017.
Image 2 – L-R: Stephanie Laverty (Cash for Kids Charity Manager), Paulo Ross, Mark Corry (Harry Corry Marketing Manager) Pete Snodden and Rebecca McKinney help to launch Cash for Kids Mission Christmas 2017.