posted on February 6th, 2018

c21 Theatre Company presents ‘May the Road Rise Up’

One of Northern Ireland’s leading theatre companies, ‘c21’, takes to it’s latest production, ‘May the Road Rise up’. A hilarious production of a young woman’s positivity against adversity.

It will take to the Lyric Theatre’s stage in Belfast from Tuesday 20th to Saturday 24th February, followed by a seven-show tour across the province.

‘May the Road Rise Up’ is a fast paced, black comedy, which focuses on a young woman’s boundless positivity in the face of extreme adversity while also touching on realistic problems. The play follows Belfast native Mia; along the hilarious and bumpy road she calls life.

The play ‘May the Road Rise Up’ is the fourth collaboration between the Lyric’s resident writer, Rosemary Jenkinson and the c21 Theatre Company. The fantastic one-woman show is directed by co-founder Stephen Kelly and stars Christine Clare as the lively and boisterous Mia.

Following some questionable life decisions, along with a particularly unruly influence in her life, Mia’s continual positive nature adds to the play’s charm, offering a sense of comic relief whilst highlighting the current and real-life problems she encountered in her journey, resulting in her living on the streets in Belfast.

Ahead of the shows tour, director and co-founder of c21, Stephen Kelly said that they are looking forward and are privileged to work on the show as Rosemary has tapped into many of the real issues which are facing many in todays society, he says that ‘May the Road Rise Up’ is a traditional Irish blessing and it is translated literally into ‘may you succeed on the road’ which is essentially what the main character is trying to do.

He also mentions how the crew are all delighted to have Christine Clare on board as she brings the character of Mia to life, exactly how Mia was imagined.

Writer, Rosemary Jenkinson continues and adds that she is delighted to be showcasing ‘May the Road Rise Up’ at the Lyric and that although the play touches on the harsh realities of life as well as the curve balls it can throw at you, the main component to take away is Mia’s heroic positivity during her struggle, as they want and believe that they audience can be able to sympathise with the main character and her struggles.

The production is supported by the Arts Council of Northern Ireland through National Lottery Funding and they are pleased to support it.

Tickets for ‘May the Road Rise Up’ are on sale now at the Lyric Theatre. Contact 02890381081 or online via