posted on February 1st, 2018

Katie Waddell

Name: Katie Waddell

 Age: 26

Wedding Date: 3rd September 2017

Venue: Castle Leslie Estate

How did your fiancé propose?

It is quite the elaborate story. We were working around the clock at the time with barely a moment to breath, having just opened our new business together, Spoon Street. Out of nowhere, Harry suggested we go on a trip the following morning, he made me promise not to ask any questions and pack a bag! The next morning we drove to Dublin and eventually arrived at the airport. He wouldn’t even let me queue to check our bags in as he wanted to keep the surprise as long as he could. After check in he told me we were going to Vegas! Harry’s parents live in Las Vegas and so we had been there together quite often, and it had quickly become one of my favourite cities in the US so I was over the moon. Once we landed, I expected Harry’s parents to pick us up as normal, but instead we headed for Car Rentals. We drove for a few hours into the desert and landed at the Canyon Lands area of Utah. Harry and I love to hike, especially when the scenery is so beautiful. We hiked around Arches National Park, Horse Shoe Bend and Antelope Canyon, amongst others, but Harry had one particular spot in mind. We set out the next morning at around 4.30am to begin our hike to Delicate Arch in time to watch the sun coming up. This was all in Harry’s plan but as I am not usually very good in the mornings and also still very jetlagged from the journey, I can’t say I didn’t complain about getting up so early! As the sun was rising over the arch, Harry got down on one knee and popped the question. It was so magical and he managed to pull off the surprise down to the last second because I was completely clueless. Needless to say I said ‘Yes’ and now here we are getting married in a few short weeks!

Did you have a say in the ring or was it a surprise?

As the whole engagement came as such a surprise to me, I did not have a say in the ring but it is more beautiful than I could have imagined!

What was the first thing you planned for your wedding?

Probably my makeup artist (priorities) because I knew exactly who I wanted and a girl has to act fast! After that was sorted, we began looking into venues.

What has been the best part of planning the big day so far?

At the beginning stages of planning the wedding, especially being the first in the family to get married, I found it difficult to navigate my way around the industry and not get extremely confused as to what look I wanted to achieve or what suppliers to go for. At this stage, with all the suppliers chosen and a definite style in mind, I can really start to imagine our wedding in my head and I find that very exciting!

How do you avoid the stress of organising a wedding?

I would say to go on referrals as much as possible, especially if you have been to a wedding and seen a particular vendor you love! Another way of avoiding stress is once you book/ buy something, move on and don’t look back! There are usually many months in the planning process so it is difficult to resist going back and questioning yourself or finding something ‘better’ than what you have gone for.

Do you have a theme in mind for your wedding?

I don’t particularly have a theme and never set out to have one. As I see my wedding coming together I would describe it as Classic Glamour. I always wanted the style and feel of the wedding to be timeless and hopefully I have achieved that.

How many bridesmaids are you going to have?

I have 5 bridesmaids! It is lovely to be able to have so many of my favourite people up there with me. One thing to note is that the more bridesmaids you have the more it stretches your budget. Think dresses, shoes, jewellery, makeup, hair, flowers, the list goes on…

What are you most looking forward to on the big day?

Seeing all the planning come together and witness all your family and friends enjoying it! Being able to call Harry my husband has got to be what I am looking forward to most!

What did you do for your hen-do?

I chose Marbella for my hen and 13 of my close family and friends came along! Marbella was perfect for what I was looking for, we enjoyed amazing weather, amazing cocktails and a day at Ocean Beach Club! It doesn’t come very often that so many of your family and friends can come together and let their hair down! We all had a ball!

Where do you hope to honeymoon? 

Harry’s hometown is New York City and this is where we met so it is very special to us. We initially wanted to get married there but logistically, Ireland was a lot easier and equally as special. We are heading back over to New York a week after the wedding, bringing my dress and Harry’s suit and we are getting more wedding photos taken around the city. We figured it would be a great compromise and they are photos we can treasure forever! We aren’t calling it a honeymoon because it is more like our second home and have agreed to leave the honeymoon until early next year when we have more time to do so!