posted on February 14th, 2018

Need Some Inspiration This Valentine’s Day?

Would Valentine’s be complete without a cocktail? If  you think a cocktail is the perfect way to add some romance to your evening, then we’ve got some perfect ideas for you! Cocktail culture is back to stay, with more people experimenting with different spirits and mixers at home. But what should you serve your special someone, your best mate or indeed your Ma this Valentine’s?

Here are some ideas!

First we have the crowd pleaser… Gin!

Jawbox Small Batch Gin is less than two years old but has already secured a cult following both at home here in Belfast and abroad. Championed for its premium quality and unique flavour profile, this is the perfect choice for the gin-lover in your life.

Gin has become the centre-piece of the cocktail scene, not just here in Northern Ireland but across the globe. It’s actually even more fitting as a base for Valentine’s cocktails than you would think. Jawbox gin features cardamom, a powerful, potent spice said to be used as a natural aphrodisiac by kings in olden times. Juniper, the main botanical of all gins, are highly aromatic and are often considered to be the most sensuous of all berries.

Jawbox’s signature drink, the Perfect Swerve is a great choice for Valentine’s Day. It doesn’t take much time to make, meaning you can give your loved one your undivided attention. Simply pour 35ml of Jawbox into an ice-filled glass. Top-up with chilled, premium ginger ale and garnish with a squeeze and a wedge of fresh lime. Ginger ale was invented in Belfast too, how’s that for an ice-breaker?”

Jawbox Small Batch Gin is available from all good licensed retailers including Amazon.

If you’d like to create something a little more extravagant try this, the Jawbox Love Club. Inspired by the classic Clover Club this one is garnished with rich, red berries.


¥ 50ml Jawbox Small Batch Gin

¥ 10ml Lemon juice

¥ 5ml Grenadine

¥ 10ml Sweet Vermouth

¥ 1 Egg white

¥ Redcurrants to garnish


Dry shake all the ingredients for about 30 seconds. Add ice and shake again until cold. Double strain into a coupe glass and garnish with redcurrants.


Another amazing cocktail worth trying is Braemble Gin Liqueur’s take on The Bramble, with its vibrant berry colour fitting with the occasion.

Just recently hitting shelves locally, Braemble Gin Liqueur is a sublime mix of sweet blackberries and finest London Dry Gin. Created by Jason Scott and Mike Aikman of the esteemed Bramble Bar in Edinburgh, along with proclaimed gin-genius Craig Harper, this simple yet sublime liqueur will have your Valentine thinking you’re not only a trendsetter but a pro-mixologist too.


¥ 25 ml of your favourite gin

¥ 20 ml lemon juice

¥ 10ml sugar syrup

¥ Blackberry / mint or both to garnish


Pour the gin into a short-stemmed glass, add lemon juice and sugar syrup. Fill with crushed ice and stir. Add some more crushed ice and cap with Braemble Gin Liqueur. For an extra touch of finesse, garnish with mint, a juicy blackberry or both.

For more sublime ideas visit or @braemble on Instagram. Braemble is available from all licensed retailers including Harvey Nichols.

Last but not least the final cocktail idea will help you add an exotic twist this Valentine’s Day!

It might be freezing here in Belfast but Malfy Gin will make you feel like you’ve jet-setted off to Italy. The Malfy distillery is at the heart of Moncalieri just outside of Turin, the cultural centre of Northern Italy, famed for its production of wine and spirits. Established in 1906, Torino Distillati is owned by the Vergnano family – Carlo, wife Piera and their children Rita and Valter. Malfy Gin offers an indulgent, authentic taste of sought-after Italy anywhere in the world.

Malfy con Limone celebrates the finest, Italian produce including the humble lemon – a thrilling symbol of the sun-soaked country. Italian juniper is expertly blended with five other botanicals including coriander, Angelica root, cassia bark to giving a delicious and refreshing bite. The peels from the freshest coast-grown lemons of Amalfi and Sicily are steeped in to create a unique, crisp, zesty gin.

Malfy Gin con Limone offers an indulgent, authentic taste of sought-after Italy anywhere in the world.

To enjoy a Malfy moment this Valentine’s,

Pour 40ml of Malfy con Limone into a goblet of ice.

Top up with chilled, premium tonic water

Garnish with two to three slices of lemon peel.


For more information visit