posted on February 6th, 2018

NI’s young people initiative to career success


A new initiative is now set to support to more than 4,000 young people in Belfast on getting on the road to career success over the next two years. Belfast City Council’s Career Development Programme will provide post-primary pupils with opportunities to experience the world of work, support them to making informed and important career choices and will help enable them in developing skills in innovation, creativity and enterprising.

Councillor Mairéad O’Donnell, Chair of Belfast City Council’s City Growth and Regeneration Committee said that they are focused on creating quality employment for young people through their Belfast Agenda and that they want pupils, parents and teachers to be better informed about the growth sectors in Belfast, where employment opportunities exist and about the best career opportunities that exist, along with the best career pathways to take. She also spoke about how she feels the educational attainment is important for career success and how awareness of the world of work, real life work experience and the opportunity to engage with employers is important also.

The Career Development Program will give young people who are at risk of not attaining their five GCSE grades, additional support and mentoring. There will also be a range of workshops and an enterprise competition, which will help to develop businesses, creative skills and will also help young people find other routes such as self-employment with apprenticeships. Darren Nixon, who is the Senior Education Consultant and Partner with the eye4education programme, has stated that they are contacting various Belfast schools to offer their pupils the chance to register for the Career Development Programme that is in place. They are excited to welcome the first intake of students to help give them the level of support, motivation and encouragement that they need at this stage of development.


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