posted on December 13th, 2018

CastleCourt Has It All Wrapped Up!

CastleCourt is giving back this Christmas by donating £1,000 worth of 2018’s most popular toys to the emergency department at the Royal Belfast Hospital For Sick Children. Alongside a Peppa Pig phone, a Leapfrog laptop, a stretchy ScoobyDoo and an interactive Globe, over 40 gift boxes filled with goodies were also donated, to make the children’s stay a little more cheerful this Christmas.

Binder Tohani, Marketing and Commercialisation Manager of CastleCourt said:

“CastleCourt is a family shopping centre that actively supports local charities and the community and it’s heart-warming to know that our toys and gift donation will make a positive difference to babies, children and young people .”

Jenne McDonald, Play Specialist at the Belfast Trust is also delighted with the kind donation from CastleCourt:

“We are absolutely thrilled to receive the new toys from CastleCourt. We cannot thank the shopping centre enough for its generosity.

Because of the vast number of toys and gift boxes received, our emergency department will have a well-stocked play box for 2019. I know that the thought and gesture from CastleCourt will be very much appreciated by the children and their families and our sincere thanks go out to them.”