posted on December 18th, 2018

How to be the Perfect Host

At the Fitzwilliam Hotel Belfast, Christmas is a magical time of year and there’s nothing better than sharing these experiences with friends and family.
Hosting a group can be stressful especially if it’s your first time, but the Fitzwilliam Hotel have been hosting luxurious, unforgettable experiences for guests for almost 10 years. They have shared some tops tips below on how to be the perfect host this Christmas.

1. Set the Scene

Greet your guests with a drink on arrival. The Fitzwilliam suggests an easy to make cocktail like a Santa’s Little Helper.

It’s a slight twist on a French Martini. Make sure your glass is chilling, no need for ice in this one so why not leave your Martini or Coupe glass in the fridge as your preparing the drinks.
Fill your Cocktail shaker with ice, add a measure of Absolut Vanilla Vodka and a measure of Chambord Raspberry Liquor and top with 100mls of Pineapple Juice. SHAKEN, NOT STIRRED.
Double strain your drink into the chilled glass. It should have a nice frothy head.
Garnish with a raspberry and sip- there you have a quick, easy and delicious Cocktail.

2. Set the mood

It’s important to set the tone for your event. Your guests need to feel comfortable and a luxurious ambience can help them to do so. The Concierge at the Fitzwilliam suggests dimming the lights and lighting a candle to set a warm, comforting vibe. Another tip is to make a good playlist, including a few festive favourites!

3. Have a focal point

If the social area is the dining room or the sitting room, have a centre piece to draw your guests to. Drape a festive garland over your fireplace or decorate your dining table with a gorgeous centre piece. Adding Christmas crackers to the table are a fun way to break the ice and make people more comfortable. Declan, our Concierge says that not only do guests enjoy the extra little touches that hosts add, but they can be good conversation starters too.

4. Preparation is Key

You want to have as much time available on the evening to enjoy spending time with your guests. So, peel and prep the evening before to give yourself as much time as possible to stay relaxed on the evening. Appearing calm and collected when your guests arrive is fundamental.

5. Don’t stress about the food

Your guests know that they aren’t going for a four-course meal in a Michelin restaurant so take a deep breath and relax. Know your guests likes & dislikes and ensure there is plenty to go around. Finally- presentation is everything. You can make your meal look like a restaurant served dish by presenting food beautifully with nice garnish.

6. Games

It’s Christmas – bring out the charades and have some fun! Christmas brings out the child in everyone.

7. Have fun

Most importantly have fun! Phone’s off, relax and enjoy! The Fitzwilliam believe in making unique, five-star experiences and say it’s your party so if you can relax so will your guests!