posted on August 21st, 2019

New Aquatic Strategy for Belfast

A new Aquatics Strategy for Belfast is getting off to a swimming start with news that children can swim for £1 for the next 10 days in leisure centres across the city.

The Lord Mayor of Belfast, Councillor John Finucane, announced a range of ambitious targets for increased participation over the next decade at Olympia Leisure Centre today.

Belfast City Council developed the Aquatics Strategy for Belfast 2019-2030 in partnership with Active Belfast Limited and GLL, the social enterprise who run the council’s 14 leisure centres under the ‘Better’ brand.

The Lord Mayor said: “We’ve seen an incredible 24% increase in swim lessons over the last year. By 2030 we want to almost double pool usage to 1.5 million pool visits per year and we have a range of other very ambitious targets. This includes big increases in annual swimming lessons, significant growth of usage amongst women and substantial increases in pool visits by the over 60s.

“The Aquatics Strategy supports our Belfast Agenda vision of building a city where everyone experiences good health and wellbeing by 2035.

“Underpinning the strategy is Council’s £105 million Leisure Development Programme which will see seven new leisure facilities built over a ten-year period. These five-star facilities will be available at three star prices so that they are accessible to everyone in the city.”

You can download the Aquatics Strategy for Belfast and find out more at