posted on September 19th, 2019

Introducing Terrell Riley (aka Transformation Kid) , Ulster Tatler’s new monthly Health and Fitness features writer


Ulster Tatler is delighted to introduce Terrell Riley AKA The Transformation Kid as our newest monthly Health and Fitness features writer starting from the November edition of the magazine.

Terrell’s personal transformation story :

” Today I am lucky enough to be in a position where I can really make a difference, not just to those who want to look better…but for those who want to live better. Since the age of 14 I have had an ifinity with keeping myself in shape, and so for years I have trained ‘myself’ & ‘others’ using every technique imaginable in the quest for the ultimate method in perfecting performance & developmental progression. Nowadays my passion for fitness has become my whole life. Over the years I have acquired the knowledge through ‘trial & error’ an equation to bring not only my own body to it’s optimal level (both mentally & physically), but also the bodies of anyone I am fortunate enough to work with.

By using hybrid training techniques, and nutritional science to develop my craft as Transformation Specialist into an exact science, I have calculated the healthiest/fastest/sustainable possible method to bring anyone to their optimal level of health, in the quickest time possible, whilst still getting amazing results. I don’t just want my clients looking good, I want them feeling good while they do it. My techniques are sustainable for life. I see them as a lifestyle change to be continued for the foreseeable future. Techniques that can be used to better people into their old age, not just while they are following my program, so as to better them for the rest of their lives.

These days people need to be healthy for a whole host of reasons. To get strong, lose weight, look good, rehabilitation from injury, or addiction. But one of the biggest is for their mentality, to keep them strong within the constraints of modern day society. The benefits are well known now of how much exercise can help us not only physically, but greatly boost our mental strength also. The only problem is people aren’t knowledgeable on how to go about ‘getting fit’ so I am here 100% to show people how simple it can all be. ”