posted on October 2nd, 2019

Level Up Your Autumn Game!

As cliché as it may sound, changing of the seasons always brings a little change into our lives. Whether you love or hate autumn, the spectacular displays of leaves in all shades of red and the slow transition from summer to winter forces us to stay warm and cosy and fight against the long dull days with rains and stepwise decreasing of temperature. But how?

Fragrances to keep you warm

The minute the temperature drops we tend to seek warmer and richer scents. The fresh florals and citruses are now so last season. Just say hello to woody, spicy and oriental scents that will last all day long on your skin and your favourite sweater.

Oriental scents are characterized by notes of amber and resins, wood and spices. Alien perfume by Thierry Mugler is perfect if you’re after a special fragrance that is sensual with a hint of luxury, but still quite office-friendly. The exotic blend of cashmere wood and amber creates a mysterious mist around you. This fragrance is a head-turner, it is the kind of scent that is timeless and enduring and its beautiful purple perfume bottle is a showstopper.

If you are seeking more everyday-scent that is warm, soft and chic, look for a combination of woody notes and rich flowers such as Bulgarian rose and jasmine. These scents are captivating and very intoxicating. The Arabian jasmine, vetiver and plum notes make Marc Jacobs Decadence fragrance easy-to-wear and especially great for the autumn season.

There is always an emotional element to fragrances. Find the one that will help you stay positive even in the dark and gloomy weather and maybe conjure some happy memories.

Get your skin and hair autumn-ready

When the weather changes, our beauty routine should change with it. We should slowly start preparing our skin and hair to autumn drizzle, wind and rain and the harsh winter weather ahead of us.

Even though the sun may not be visible, make sure you still wear creams with SPF. The sun can damage your skin even when it’s not sunny. Remember the free radical damage is one of the main causes of skin ageing. Pick a cream that includes hyaluronic acid that helps moisturize your skin and keep it looking radiant and youthful. Clarins Super Restorative cream with SPF 20 also includes shea butter that will just do miracles with your skin.

Autumn is also a perfect time to start exfoliating your face and body more regularly. Peelings help the skin get rid of dead cells and prepare it for other treatments. Try Saloos Bio Chocolate Body Scrub that just smells like sweet heaven.

Cold weather can wreak havoc on our hair. During this season our hair is prone to dryness and the moisture loss causes split ends. So make sure to moisturize your hair daily and use deep-conditioning masks twice a month to restore health and boost hair radiance. L’Oréal Professionnel brings several collections of hair products created for every hair type and hair struggle. Deep treatments collection is the one you should focus on to get your hair proper winter-ready. Try the L’Oréal Professionnel Serie Expert Inforcer Mask that fights the hair brittleness and protects your hair from breakage. Sweater weather means wear and tear on your hair so make sure you take the best care of your locks this season.