posted on January 9th, 2020

Dream, Sleep, Connect


c21 Theatre Company, one of Northern Ireland’s leading theatre companies, presents a bold new comedy called Dream, Sleep, Connect. Written by award winning writer Rosemary Jenkinson and directed by c21’s artistic director Stephen Kelly; Dream, Sleep Connect is about disconnection in the digital world and takes a timely ‘swipe’ at online dating and ‘appoholics’.

Chris is working on a technological solution for the Irish border under the beady eye of his boss, Lucy, when he realises he has no one to invite to the office do. He joins Tinder only to find he’s met his match in more ways than one…But before long, Chris begins to ask the ultimate question: Who is watching who?

Well-known NI actors Richard Clements and Maria Connolly will play the roles of Chris and Lucy. Maria will also play Chris’s Tinder dates.

Dream, Sleep, Connect is c21 Theatre Company’s sixth collaboration with Rosemary Jenkinson. Rosemary wrote Dream, Sleep, Connect because she wanted to challenge the Digital Age in a bold, witty way. The hilarious mishaps of Dream, Sleep, Connect’s protagonist Chris show ultimately that the only worthwhile connections in life are the human ones.