posted on April 9th, 2020

Company Offers Communications APP For Free

Irish company, Nvolve Group, is joining the global fight against Covid-19 by waiving the normal cost of their unique, mobile App based communications platform to companies and organisations working on the frontline fight against the virus.

The Nvolve Communications and Mobile App platform will help various companies, charities, social organisations, and others, connect and communicate with their network of employees and volunteers swiftly and in real time.

Barry Harper, CEO and Founder of Nvolve Group, explained: “We are joining the fight against this devastating virus by giving any organisation on the frontline, access to our Communications and Mobile App platform for free.

“Currently, organisations may be using tools like emails, whatsApp and Instagram, which are not effective in connecting and managing communication with many people at once, especially if those people are remote, deskless or working on the frontline.  Our platform gets rid of all this chatter, is easy use, requires no development effort and can be ready in just a few days.

“Every organisation gets their own branded mobile App which will allow them to ensure that their staff are consistently kept in the loop and up to speed at all times.  Having one trusted source of information is potentially lifesaving as it will cut down on misinformation in an ever-changing situation”, said Barry.

Nvolve are experts at creating mobile based communications solutions for frontline, deskless and remote workforces.

Barry concluded: “Helping remote workers do their jobs is our area of expertise, so we are uniquely placed to help organisations combat this crisis.  To get our platform and mobile app for free, all we ask is that organisations who get in touch work on the frontline or offer services that are helping us all deal with the Covid-19 crisis.”

To get free access to the Nvolve Communications and Mobile App platform please visit to register your interest or email


Barry Harper, CEO and Founder of Nvolve with Annemarie Doohan, Marketing Manager, Nvolve.