posted on March 6th, 2021

Premiere of Immaculate

On the 12th March, Tinderbox Theatre Company, Belfast, will premiere Louise Mathews‘ explosive and powerful new music album and digital theatre production, Immaculate, as part of online festival, Feile an Earraigh. This beautiful production, is based on a true story about Louise who struggled to piece together the life of her uncle Anthony, who tragically died in the early 90s and whose cause of death has still left many answered questions.

Anthony was born in Belfast and later left for London to live his life as a gay man. As Louise began to find out about his life, the research took her on an immense journey of joy, elation and sorrow as revelations about his past highlighted deeply conservative attitudes and daily threats to gay men living in London at that time (especially during the HIV and Aids Epidemic). Her journey to find his truth only led her further into mystery and shame as so many gay men were forced to live in complete isolation or in many cases, vanish into the periphery of society.

Through Louise’s lyrics and incredible music composition by Stuart Robinson and brought together through a digital online performance, Louise is determined to reclaim her uncle’s life, get the justice he deserves and celebrate those who were forced to hide in the shadows of our society. 

Artistic Director of Tinderbox Theatre Company, Patrick J O’Reilly commented: “Immaculate is a powerful analysis of our history of inequality and shame, a celebration of where we are today and a call to action for a future that needs to recognise everyone as equal in our society’.

Immaculate will premiere as part of the Féile an Earraigh Arts Festival on 12th March 2021 with the aim of a live performance Autumn 2021. 

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Advisory: 14+ tbc

Funded by Arts Council Northern Ireland, Belfast City Council, The National Lottery and Halifax Foundation.