posted on August 11th, 2021


Photo by Matt Mackey / Press Eye

Cinemagoers are used to watching movie stars 30 feet high on the silver screen, but now at the Strand Arts Centre in East Belfast you can also see them on the exterior wall of the building.

Local street artist Emic was commissioned to create a new piece celebrating the Strand’s claim to fame as the oldest cinema in Northern Ireland. The artwork features an image of Shirley Temple and James Dunn in Bright Eyes, the first film screened at the Strand in 1935. Staying true to the movies, the piece itself will be in 3D.

The artwork is part of the Strand Stories project supported by the National Lottery Heritage Fund that aims to record, cherish and promote the social and architectural heritage of the Strand. Over two years ‘Strand Stories’ will engage with a wide range of people in East Belfast and beyond, creating lots of opportunities to share memories of this landmark building and illustrating its special place within the local community.

Based in Belfast at Vault Artist studios, Emic is leading a new wave of murals in the city that are re-identifying the communities of Northern Ireland.


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