Revolutionising Kitchen and Luxury Furniture Design

Award winning designer Darren Morgan has always championed the art of kitchen and luxury furniture design, but his new revolutionary approach is taking KBB design to the next level and delivering exciting opportunities for clients and businesses working in the KBB, property snd interiors sectors.

Collaboration is key to his approach with the recent launch of his specialist design studio, striking at the very heart of conventional thinking. No longer should kitchen design be neatly packaged within with a showroom facade, instead Morgan has unleashed the process of functional furniture design, making it available to businesses, professionals and executive clients who are focused on exceeding expectations and pushing the boundaries of design evolution.

Morgan calls upon his considerable experience and expert knowledge of the KBB industry to deliver high quality design solutions that are tailored to each project.

Current partners are opening new revenue streams and increasing the potential of their business by tapping into Morgan’s unique knowledge to KBB production techniques and on-site project management. Having the option to remotely integrate specialist KBB design services into a business is allowing architects, property developers, furniture manufacturers  and luxury KBB retailers to take advantage of every opportunity, ensuring that expert knowledge is available when needed and providing unparalleled convenience for clients. And it’s this ability to deliver KBB design to a multi-disciplinary and international client base that is helping to create new opportunities for everyone involved. Morgan is not only helping businesses to elevate their range of specialist design services, but he is also helping them to connect with each other, providing a unique opportunity for mutually beneficial collaboration and growth.

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