Holly Conlon and her fiancé Ashley

Ashley had arranged a trip to Scotland for my birthday and we started our weekend away by a night at the Slieve Russell. I had forgotten my swimming costume so stopped off on the way to buy one, I went to try it on and got into the dressing gown. Ashley said he wanted to tell me a poem he had written for me and the last two lines were ‘now it is time to get on one knee and ask you Holly to marry me’. I was unsure whether he was being serious or not when he pulled a kinder egg out from behind his back – the chocolate was perfectly sealed, however inside the toy capsule was the big question and a beautiful ring. I realised I was sat in a swimming costume, I was in complete shock, but seriously impressed with how he managed to seal the chocolate back up like it had been untouched! We had a wonderful trip telling our relatives in Scotland the news and came home to tell my grandma who was extremely pleased he popped the question in her home county of Cavan.

Sarah Turner and her fiancé Daniel.

My fiancé, Daniel and I have been together seven years, mostly long distance at University and then whilst I taught in England. On the run up to his 30th birthday we planned a trip to Berlin, a city we had always wanted to visit. We met in London and travelled there together.

On the Saturday morning we woke early and did a walking tour of the city to see the major sites. I wanted to return to the Brandenburg Gate to take a couple of extra pictures. Whilst there, Daniel suggested we sat down for a bit. He then announced that the trip was not actually for his birthday but for him to ask a question, after a lot of tears he asked if I wanted to see the ring. It was perfect! He had chosen it himself based on one of my grandmother’s rings which I loved. Once I eventually gathered myself and said YES, Daniel suggested I rang my parents who had been keeping the secret.

The weekend continued perfectly tasting local beers, food and breakfast in the Reichstag. But the excitement was not over, he had booked for me to return home the next weekend, to have my hair and nails done and organised both our families to go out for a meal to celebrate.I could not have asked for a more perfect proposal and cannot wait to return to Northern Ireland to marry him.


Meghan Barr and her fiancé Nathan.

My fiancé Nathan and I met by total chance. He accidentally added me on social media thinking I was someone else, and after exchanging a few confused messages we realised there had been some kind of mistake. However Nathan is funny and charismatic and after a few weeks of messages and phone calls I eventually agreed to go on a date with him. That was over two years ago now, and I haven’t looked back.

Our proposal isn’t exactly what most people would consider normal or traditional, since he wasn’t the one who popped the question. It was 2016, a leap year and I seized my opportunity. Our relationship hasn’t been an easy one, a year in he left to join the army, and our relationship changed into a long distance situation.

I am not the type of person who enjoys surprises, and knowing this, while he was home during our Christmas celebrations in 2016, Nathan told me his intentions to propose in the coming year. However everything returned to normal, we both went back to work and I thought nothing more of it. He was due to come home on leave at the beginning of March and he started asking weird questions like “What type of rings do you wear?” “Do you prefer gold or silver?” and I knew straight away what he was planning!

My decision to beat him to the punch was a totally last minute decision. On the morning of February 29th, Nathan had been away on a training exercise for five days and our communication hadn’t been the greatest. I woke up to a beautiful long heartfelt email from him, because we hadn’t spoken and I just realised that he too deserves to have someone show him just how much they love him, and what better way for me to do that than to tell him I want to be with him for the rest of our lives!

I went and got a dress, did my hair and my make-up and when he was finally finished work for the day we tried to Skype, but the connection was awful! In the few clear seconds we got before the video went, he managed to tell me how beautiful I looked and I told him he was in for a surprise! I wasn’t giving up, I phoned him on just a regular call and told him my little speech that I had written down earlier in the day, I took a picture of me down on one knee with a ring and sent it to him. Eventually I got the question out, and in total shock he cried and said yes. And that is how I proposed, over a bad connection with a picture and made my fiancé cry in a room fully of 50 other military men.

We celebrated the following week when he came home. He took me for dinner and I gave him the ring that I had gotten him and together we went and picked out my ring. It was only after that, that we told both our families who are so happy for us. The date is set and all the plans are coming together, we will be married in August 2018.