Kelly Hoppen MBE AND renowned naval architect, Bill Dixon, on the incredible Pearl 65.

The second of a suite of yachts to be built in a unique collaboration with award-winning naval architect Bill Dixon and celebrated interior designer, Kelly Hoppen MBE, the innovative Pearl 65 brings incredible levels of style and sophistication to the yacht market.

Complete with a host of unique features, the Pearl 65 is not only beautiful in design, but offers superb sea keeping and maneuverability.

Designed with Kelly’s well known effortless, calm and elegant style, the vessel offers outstanding levels of comfort – with four luxurious cabins and additional accommodation for two crew members. Each room is synonymous with Kelly’s inventive use of texture and tone, in her trademark neutral colour scheme.

Kelly Hoppen applies the same rules when designing the interiors of a yacht as she would for a residential project, a resort or even a plane.  They are very different spaces, however, the foundations and principles behind good design ultimately never change. For Kelly, design is about how you feel inside, it is all about the experience.

Pearl Yachts approached Hoppen as they wanted to bring something new to an already prestigious and very competitive market. They wanted something that was a little bit more exclusive and luxurious in terms of design, something that would make their yachts more appealing than those of their competitors.

The client wanted the classic Kelly Hoppen look for this project, an understated elegance that fuses the East and the West, resulting in the perfect harmony. They wanted the eastern principles of simplicity and the western taste for sumptuous textures and luxurious finishes to be included in the yachts interiors as well as Kelly’s signature neutral colour scheme and minimalist approach.

Buoyancy is something that Kelly Hoppen needed to bear in mind when designing the interior of the Pearl 65. However, it was very important to Kelly not to compromise on style and quality. Attention to detail is very important in any project of this calibre – so Kelly used very luxurious materials and textures such as marble, wood, ceramic and linen. It was important to use the space available wisely and to consider the practicality of the materials and products used as everything has to look and feel the same when the boat is moored and at sea!

The new Pearl 65 includes a unique open plan, inside/outside saloon – allowing for easy, every-day use and alfresco dining.

Like the Pearl 75, the Pearl 65 features pod-drive propulsion, incorporating joystick control technology offering the ability to operate the yacht without crew, if preferred. Standard features will include a hydraulically operated bathing platform, air conditioning, hydraulic passerelle, generator, and teak decking.

The new Pearl 65 builds on the success of the phenomenal Pearl 75, which was launched in 2013, and reached worldwide acclaim when named as the best Motor Yacht under 25 metres at the 2013 International Yacht & Aviation Awards.

Iain Smallridge, managing director of Pearl Motor Yacht’s believes that the second in the series of yachts to be made in this special collaboration will make a real impact at this year’s Cannes Boat Show.

“The launch of the Pearl 75 exceeded all of our expectations, we were overwhelmed by the response we received – thanks to the unique elements both Bill Dixon and Kelly Hoppen bring to the Pearl range, and their drive for pioneering design excellence.

“This partnership has provided our customers with something that is totally unique – and has created a great deal of anticipation surrounding the launch of the Pearl 65.

“With its elegantly appointed design coupled with technological innovation, the all-new Pearl 65 promises to be another ground-breaking vessel.”