posted on November 20th, 2023

‘Gin-gle’ all the way with award-winning sustainable sips from Symphonia Spirits

Symphonia Spirits has redefined craft gin with its award-winning gin with a sustainable twist – it’s unique distillation process, inspired by luxury perfumery, cuts energy use to just 2% of traditional methods.
Combining spirits, style and sustainability, each Symphonia Spirits bottle is designed with repurposing in mind, with colourful glass and ornate metallic etchings making them ideal for upcycling.
With Dry Gin, Apple Gin, Raspberry Gin Liqueur and Apple Rum in its collection, every Symphonia Spirits product is crafted with love and sustainability in mind.
Exclusive offer (available online only): Symphonia Spirits Gin and Glasses gift set (£44.95/€50 + P&P) and Premium Gin Hamper (£99.95/€115 + P&P).