posted on February 12th, 2024

Local Lager Recieves Global Award

HARP lager, one of the leading and most-loved lagers in Northern Ireland, has struck gold at a prestigious global beer competition.
The Global Beer Masters is an internationally renowned blind-tasting competition welcoming beers from around the world to compete for recognition and the chance to benchmark their taste against competitors. The beers were judged by a panel of industry experts who evaluated each one based on appearance, smell, taste, and style characteristics, resulting in Harp Irish Lager proudly scooping a gold medal in the International Lager category.
Noting Harp Irish Lager was a lesson in how to achieve crispness and balance in a subtle brew, judges shared their tasting notes, “A pale gold lager with great clarity and a slightly sweet malt aroma, a little bitterness on the body, but very gentle. It has a grainy aroma alongside fresh herbal notes. Palate is well round, supported by good carbonation and herbal notes. Nice balanced finish.”
Harp is an authentic pilsner lager, brewed with pride for Northern Ireland. First produced in 1960 under the guidance of distinguished German brewer Dr Herman Muender, Harp fused German knowledge with Irish brewing heritage to create a delicious Irish Lager. Today Harp is still naturally brewed for a refreshing, crisp taste using only four ingredients: pure water, malted barley, barley, and hops of which are all locally sourced.