Ulster Tatler Interior’s Graeme Kelly talks to architect, writer and television presenter, George Clarke.

On a typical winter’s (rainy) day in Belfast, I had the pleasure of meeting George Clarke at the amazing space of the Bedeck showroom on the bustling Lisburn Road.

As we caught up over chilled glasses of Prosecco, George, who is best known for his work on Channel 4 programmes, The Home Show, The Restoration Man and George Clarke’s Amazing Spaces, told me his early influences stem from his grandfather in Sunderland. As a successful builder by trade, George’s grandfather’s career very much was the origin for his grandson’s love affair with buildings and architecture. At the tender age of 11, George was drawing his own plans with a sketch pad everyday. As his passion for the industry continued to bloom, George’s CDT teacher pointed him in the direction of David W Johnson, a well-known local architect who was looking for an apprentice to join his practice. George secured the role, and his time spent with the firm very much laid the foundations for his illustrious future career.

Once he completed school, George went to study at Newcastle University under the tutelage of Harry Charrington. Here, his passion for architecture and design flourished. Harry, now the head of architecture at the University of Westminster, helped George to hone his craft, and the pair remain friends to this day.

TV work was not initially on George’s radar. Although he had turned down TV work in the past, the opportunity to create a programme influenced by a book that he had penned during university, eventually convinced George to audition for an up-and-coming TV production. After taking part in a screen test on the Thursday, by the Monday he was told he had won the presenting role. In 2005 George officially became the face of Channel 5’s Build a New Life in the Country. He fronted the TV show for three years, during which he discovered his love for TV. A new career was forged; George moved to Channel 4 in 2008, and as they say, the rest is history.

To read the rest of the interview, check out the winter edition of Ulster Tatler Interiors, out now.


Tailor-Made Design by Kris Turnbull

Ulster Tatler Interiors speaks to Interior Designer, Kris Turnbull.

How would you describe your eclectic styling and the way you work?
We don’t have a house style, rather it’s all about being the design lead and styling for our clients.  I have such a broad client base, from very contemporary to classic country house and therefore it is about the integrity and application of the design principles, and creating beautiful spaces with my vision and interpretation. #TeamKTS create unique and special spaces for people to live, tailoring each design project to the individual requirements of our clients. While the creative process is at the heart of the design studio, it is driven with clear methodology and planning, whether we are conceptually preparing a new house build with the architectural team or planning an interior fit out the team set goals, and plan carefully. Design is not something bought off the shelf, rather it is a journey and development of ideas with our client’s final concept at the foundation of the brief.

What is your design motto?

I believe that it is essential to tailor a design solution that is a combination of aspirations and how people want to live in the space.

What inspires you most?

Such a big question… on a personal level as a kid, I grew up in the greenhouses of my grandmother’s home. She taught me colour and the amount of colours and tones in one creation, how to put form and colour together from such a young age. I get my broad styling from travelling around the world between projects. The Far East, Middle East and Africa are the biggest and most inspiring places for history, design, print and colour compositions. All of these experiences help me to compose my thoughts to then translate in the design studio. I like to challenge and question things and when it comes to black and white decisions, my thought process tends to be more tones of grey! My world in design is inspirational with artisan makers, textile productions and cabinet makers all coming together along withmy personal ideas, making a very rich pool of creativity.

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